Our Alfa Romeo ‘Flex Pay’ plan enables you to own a fantastic Alfa Romeo model at a lower monthly payment when compared to a standard Hire Purchase agreement of the same length and deposit.


Features and Benefits

Fixed Monthly Payments

4 Year Term

Fixed Interest Rate

Guaranteed Future Vehicle Value (subject to terms of the contract)

Full Warranty Coverage

3 Flexible Options at the end of your agreement: Renew, Return or Retain


Your chance to drive another new Alfa Romeo.  Choose another car and renew the Flex Pay process.


Hand the car back. Assuming all monthly payments have been made, you’ll have nothing further to pay, providing the car is in good condition and the agreed mileage hasn’t been exceeded.


Keep the car. If you decide to keep the car, assuming all monthly payments have been made, you just need to pay the Final Balloon Payment and it’s yours to drive away.

We are giving the possibility to re-finance the Final Payment over a 2 year period at 6.9% interest rate.