Alfa Romeo and Javier zanetti are the stars of “Zanetti and Friends match for EXPO Milano 2015”

10 July 2015

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The champion will be taking to the field of the San Siro Stadium in Milan for a great festival of sport and charity on May 4. Alfa Romeo will be at his side as Top Partner together with many other football champions of yesterday and today.

All profits will go to ‘Fondazione PUPI Onlus’ and other no-profit organisations operating in the area of children’s rights.

The ‘Win the legend’ competition kicks off: prizes include visits to the Alfa Romeo Museum and safe driving school classes on the track.

A moving video in which the Argentinian football champion tells about the charity event from his perspective is online.


Wins, legendary performance and passion for sport: these are the distinctive traits shared by Alfa Romeo and Javier Zanetti. Now, they are playing for the same team at ‘Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo Milano 2015′, a charity event dedicated to children and correct nutrition which will be held on May 4 at 8:45 p.m. at the San Siro Stadium in Milan.

The event is promoted by ‘Fondazione PUPI’ with the goal of supporting projects dedicated to children in Italy and Argentina. In particular, the profits from the sales of tickets will go to various charities for children in the Milan area.

The match springs from a collaboration between Expo Milano 2015 and the Milan City Authorities and involves Alfa Romeo as Top Partner.

The Alfa Romeo logo will appear on the red jerseys of one of the two teams while the other will sport the Pirelli logo on their white jerseys.

Great champions of today and yesterday will take to the field to promote sport and the culture of proper nutrition and to symbolically celebrate the opening of Expo Milano, which is expected to draw over 20 million visitors to Italy and will involve 144 countries. Protagonists of the event are Global Partner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and CNH Industrial.

Some of the best footballers of today and the recent past who played in the two Serie A teams from Milan and in some of the greatest international clubs will be reaching the stadium in Alfa Romeo cars. To name a few: Roberto Baggio, Cordoba, Cambiasso, Zamorano, Puyol, Crespo and Shevchenko.

Several Alfa Romeo cars, the ambassadors of Italian design in over 100 countries worldwide – from USA to Russia, from South Africa to Sweden – will be showcased at the stadium. Similarly, footballers will be travelling from the four corners of the Earth to join Javier Zanetti, current Vice President of Inter, creator of ‘Fondazione PUPI’ and Expo Milano 2015 Ambassador, on the turf.

The objective of ‘Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo Milano 2015′ is to find resources needed to support activities for children in Italy and South America. The event is organised directly by ‘Fondazione PUPI’, a no-profit organisation which has been operating for 10 years in Argentina on projects and support for the fundamental needs of youngsters.

The legendary Inter player talks about the event in a Giulietta Sprint in a video filmed in Milan on the road from Expo Gate to the San Siro Stadium.

For the event, Alfa Romeo will be organising a competition, open from April 20 to May 7, which will involve users online and on social media. The prizes will include safe driving school classes with professional drivers and tickets for the Alfa Romeo Museum. 

By taking part in ‘Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo Milano 2015′, Alfa Romeo is reasserting its strong bonds with the world of sports. The brand shares the same universal ideas and has always paired its corporate image with many disciplines, like car racing, yachting, basketball and motorcycle racing. Today, the Alfa Romeo logo is sported on the Formula 1 Ferrari SF15-T and the supercar 4C is Official Safety Car of the Superbike 2015 Championship.


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